I am Kevin W. Jackson Executive Director and founder of Steps-Ahead a 501 c 3 organization based in Moreno Valley California.  Steps-Ahead is dedicated towards the educational development of students, students with learning disabilities, and student-athletes.

About Kevin W. Jackson

Kevin Jackson is a dedicated and proven leader who has spent the last 33 years successfully assisting at risk youth & student athletes in L.A. & Moreno Valley.


Kevin Jackson and Steps Ahead have successfully helped 100’s of at risk youth find success in both academically and professionally.


Kevin Jackson has showed a continued and vested interest in at risk youth and student athletes for over 30 years.

“Kevin has been inspirational to so many at risk student athletes over the years.  His leadership and proven track record should be commended. ”

~Bruce Coffey

Advocate for Youth Sports

Helping gifted athletes secure scholarships & a college education

Long Term Vision

Innovative ideas (the Dome) that will help future student athletes.

Steps-Ahead’s goal is for students, students with learning disabilities and student athletes have the opportunity to complete their college education. The students will be assessed to determine the level of assistance needed. Students with documented learning disabilities will be assisted in this process. In development is a state of the art computer lab along with mentoring and tutoring services. We will track each students progress in 1:3 mentor to students and tutoring sessions by bi-weekly written reports. Admission standards, A-G requirements for University of California colleges, and California State Universities requirements should be address. For our student-athletes, NCAA core education requirements are fulfilled , and this positions student athletes for scholarship opportunities. SAT and ACT test preparation will be available for all students.

Our Team

  • Kevin W. Jackson
    Kevin W. Jackson Executive Director
  • Nicholas D. Jackson
    Nicholas D. Jackson VP of Regional Development
  • Greg Matthews
    Greg Matthews Pacific Western Bank/Adviser
  • Spencer Moore
    Spencer Moore Secretary
  • Henry Bridges
    Henry Bridges Treasurer
  • Kimberly Peters
    Kimberly Peters US Bank Community Liaison

These children need mentors and people that care about their long term success.  Our mission is to provide the necessary guidance that will help students earn academic and athletic scholarships.  The end goal is a college degree.

~ Kevin W. Jackson

Sponsors Who Have Supported Steps Ahead

Your donation goes towards school supplies, books, awards, athletic equipment and more.  Every penny counts.  Select the amount of your donation below.

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